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Yield Management Corporation was established in 2002 with the introduction of the company’s “Award Winning” Low Bobbin Detector for braiding machines. YMC has continued to expand its accessory product lines with innovative detection systems for stranding and cabling machinery. These accessory products reduce defects and operating costs while improving productivity and yield in Wire & Cable operations.


 YMC offers a complete line of braiding and shielding machinery as well as replacement parts for Wardwell rotary braiding machines.


A 2003 agreement with the Niehoff gruppe of Schwabach Germany as the sole supplier of Low Bobbin Detection systems for the BMV series braiding machines has contributed to YMC’s international presence throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia.


Bw701 2008 Pitts burg Expo

Wire Expo 2008 Pittsburgh

President Bob Brown displays the "BW701 Broken Strand Detector" demo machine.



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