Length Counter

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Eliminate Twist Loss and Scrap

Yield Managements introduces a Length Counter for Bunching Machines recently installed on a cell of Setic Twinners. The System accurately measures the twisted cable length allowing cable manufactures to consistently produce master spools of known length. By eliminating the generous safety factors often used in bunching operations, scrap, and short lengths are significantly reduced..


Touch Screen HMI Interface


User Inputs:

  • Production Preset - stops the machine when the preset is reached
  • Cable diameter - compensates for changes in cable diameter


  • Numerical production in feet or meters
  • % produced since rest
  • Calculated actual lay length
  • Shift totalizer

 Configuration Screen


  • Select Metric or Imperial Units
  • Twists per revolution (configurable for single or double twist buncher)
  • Pulses per revolution
  • Root sheave diameter