CP300 Spiral Shielding

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The CP300 Spiral Shielding Machine is designed to apply spiral shielding to miniature cables.  Spiral shielding with single end wire results in an exceptionally smooth finish without defects.  Superior shield quality reduces problems and rejected product in the jacketing process.  High put-up capacity results in long production runs at high efficiency.  The precise take-up tension system allows shielding of pressure sensitive core material without crushing.


CP300 Shielding maching



  • Precise tension control by magnetic power clutch with taper tension
  • Individual Wire Break Detection
  • Core Run-Out Detection
  • Production Preset Counter



Pay-off reel: 250mm O.D. x 130mm core x 130mm between flanges

Take-up reel: 300mm O.D. x 130mm core x 130mm between flanges

Shield wire bobbin(56): 60mm  O.D x 30mm core  x 80 mm



Core wire: 0.1 - 1.0mm (.004” - .04”)
Shield wire: 0.0254 - 0.06mm (.001” - .0024”)
Pitch range: 1.8 - 10mm (.071" - .0024")
Speed: 500 RPM
Power: 2Hp Variable Speed Drive