CP400 Spiral Shielding

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Yield Management Corporation introduces a new innovative design for spiral shielding. The CP400 Spiraling Machine is a cost effective solution for manufacturers who use braiding machines to apply spiral shield. Raw material cost is lower and productivity is 5-6 times greater than typical braiding machines


CP400 Spiraling Machine


Increase Productivity

  • The CP400 spiraling machine operates up to 600 RPM. 8-12 pound spool capacity results in longer run time and fewer spool changes.
  • Reduce Material Cost
  • Large spool capacity and single end wire reduce wire material cost by approximately 75 cents / pound compared with multi end braider bobbins|
  • Reduce Machine Maintenance
  • Spiral shielding using braiding machines consumes expensive wear parts. Wear parts on the CP400 Spiral Machine consist of Off-The-Shelf bearings and gear belts