SP36C Spiral Shielding

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The SP-36C Spiral Shielding Machine is designed to apply spiral shielding using single or multiple end bobbins. The advantage of this machine over shielding with a Wardwell braider is “ratchet-less” bobbin carriers, large capacity bobbins, high speed and commercially available wear parts. The SP-36C uses 36 bobbin positions each capable of holding 5lb. of copper wire. The standard machine configuration is a front to back payoff and take-up with a maximum reel diameter of 25”. Larger reel diameters can be accommodated on request.


SP36C Spiraling Machine


Number of Bobbins: 36
Bobbin Dimensions: 75 x 30 x 70mm
Core Wire: 1" maximum diameter
Shield Wire: 38ga. - 32ga.
Pitch Range: by change gears
Speed: 220 RPM
Power: 3Kw