BW700 Spool Runout

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BW700 Spool Run-Out Detection system detects broken wires and material run-out by monitoring individual spool rotation. The system can be expanded to accommodate any number of spool positions on tubular stranding and cabling machines. The system detects a non-rotating spool within 8 or less machine revolutions. The benefits are reduced finished goods scrap and downtime necessary to re-thread the machine.


 BW700 Spool Runout Detector

Operating at 2800 RPM
Yield Management Corporation supplies a turnkey solution with the installation service worldwide and performance guarantee



Product Features

  • 7 segment display indicates which spool stopped rotating
  • Individual toggle switches to disable unused spool position
  • Compact operator interface (9x6x3 inches)
  • Internal relay connects to existing stop circuit
  • Low voltage DC power
  • Universal supply voltage (100-240VAC 50/60 Hz)
  • Separate on/off control
  • Highly visible LED indicators
    Also available in 13, 19 and 25 positions


BW700 Spool Runout Detector