Taper Tension Control

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The system accurately measures the tape pad diameter and proportionally adjusts braking torque to insure constant tape tension based on pad diameter. The system features audible Low Pad Alarm and fail-safe Break Detection.



Dual Head Taper


  • Fail-safe Break Detection by monitoring pad rotation relative to tape arbor
  • Available for single and multiple tape heads

Operator Enclosure


  • Compact Operators Enclosure 16 x 12 x 8 inches
  • Audible Alarm and Tower Light
  • 7"HMI Touchscreen


Operator Interface

Operator Interface


Adjust required tension 0 - 100% System maintains tension set-point throughout production run.


Inputs / Outputs

  • Enable or Disable Tape Positions
  • Diameter Display
  • Low Alarm Limit
  • Stop Diameter Limit